They compare a dress worth $ 660 to a garbage bag

Not even a 50% discount has convinced some users of social networks to appreciate the garment.

A black dress from the NU brand that these days sell yourself 50% off the London store for £ 242.5 ($ 330) instead of 485 ($ 660) has been ridiculed by social media users who did not appreciate the haute couture display.

This polyester dress with asymmetric front pockets generated many comparisons to a garbage bag. “This is just what you dress up for Halloween when your family forgets it or can’t afford it,” he collects. Daily Mail one of the opinions.

“Tell me that’s not a garbage bag,” wrote another user about the loose one-size-fits-all garment, which adds a lot of volume to any figure. “This is how I used to go trick or treating in the 90s,” another sneered. “I’m sure I have a roll of them under the kitchen sink. ‘Jackpot'” was another of the humorous comments.

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