They discover a sketch of Jesus Christ from the 16th century, which was probably drawn by Leonardo da Vinci

It was made with red chalk, a technique that the Florentine artist even used to create the sketches of his masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’.

Italian researchers recently found a drawing of Jesus Christ in a private collection in Lombardy, which bears striking similarities to the Mona Lisa, which led them to assume that it is an unknown previous work of the Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci.

It is a sketch, made with red chalk, a technique that the artist used often, and even used to create the sketches of his masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’. “It is a remarkably beautiful and refined work and I am absolutely convinced that it is a sketch by Leonardo”, he claimed to The Telegraph art historian Annalisa Di Maria, who studied the sketch.

The expert explained that the paper on which the drawing is made was subjected to various laboratory tests and dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Born in 1452 in the city of Vinci, in the province of Florence, Leonardo executed ‘The Last Supper’ between 1495 and 1498, and moved to France in 1516 to work for King Francis I, where he died in 1519.

In addition, Di Maria stressed that “the position of Christ is typical of Leonardo, who rarely drew figures from the front, but from an angle”. “He has that dynamism and sense of movement that is typical of Leonardo“, he explained, adding that the way of drawing the beard and the eyes is practically identical to the self-portraits of the teacher.

However, the study of the work is not yet finished: it is not clear where the drawing was kept all these years, nor has it been confirmed that it is an authentic work of the genius of the Renaissance.

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