They discover bribery to Colonel FAP appointed by Fujimori to buy MiG-29 aircraft

The judicial authorities of Panama communicated to the Fourth Superior Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Corruption of Officials, the discovery of money transfers from the company Treves Intora Association to the secret account maintained by Major General FAP (r) Felipe Reyes Morales in the Belarusian bank Priorbank. Reyes was appointed by the former president Alberto Fujimori to be part of the technical commission that traveled to Belarus to evaluate 36 MiG-29 and Sukhoi-25 warplanes, which were finally acquired from the Treves Intora Association for 432 million dollars.

The information obtained by the superior deputy prosecutor Juan Manuel Fernandez, consists in four transfer orders in the colonel’s name Felipe Reyes for 667 thousand 884 dollars, which represents undoubted evidence of the payment of a bribe, because the aforementioned official recommended the purchase of the aircraft that were offered at an overvalued price and with technical limitations.

Current image of Colonel FAP Felipe Reyes Morales, resident in Dallas.

The bank documents are signed by the partners of the Treves Intora Association, a front company incorporated in the Bahamas by the arms dealers associated with the former consultant of Fujimori, Vladimiro Montesinos. They are the entrepreneurs Moshe Rothschild Chassin, Enrique Benavides Morales, Claus Corpancho Kleinicke and Luis Duthurburu Cubas. Rothschild and Benavides are in the condition of fugitives, while Corpancho and Duthurburu submitted to justice.

The most serious case of corruption of the Fujimori regime – the acquisition of combat aircraft from Belarus – had been filed with the acquittal of the main parties involved. However, the Supreme Court ordered that the process be reopened due to evidence of corruption. It is in this context that the prosecutor Juan Manuel Fernández managed to obtain the information that proves that there were illegal acts in the purchase of 18 Russian-made MiG-29 and 18 Sukhoi-25 warplanes, but that they were in the hands of the Belarusian regime afterwards. of the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

“Banking information is key because Colonel FAP Felipe Reyes Morales He was a member of the technical commission that was in charge of evaluating the aircraft proposals and chose the one from Belarus, represented by the company Treves Intora Association, which is the one that makes the transfers shortly after the Fujimori government made the payments, “he said. the prosecutor Fernández.

One of the transfers for US $ 250 thousand ordered by Treves Intora to the account of Colonel Felipe Reyes in the Belarusian bank Priorbank.

“Of course it is an illegal payment, it is a bribe and we are going to determine who else received illegal payments because the president of the Technical Commission was FAP Lieutenant General Rolando Magni Flores, also appointed by Fujimori in the position, and Colonel Felipe Morales I responded to him, ”said the anti-corruption prosecutor.

The authorities of the isthmus provided documentary evidence that shows that the Treves Intora Association ordered that from its accounts in the Banco Exterior de Panamá (BEX, now BBVA), 4 transfers be made in the name of Felipe Reyes Morales at the Priorbank, Minsk, Belarus.

The transfers were made on June 17, June 19, June 22 and September 10, 1998, after Lieutenant General Rolando Magni himself signed two contracts with the Treves Intora Association for $ 432 million, first for $ 18 MiG-29s and then another 18 Sukhoi-25s.

After visiting Belarus on several occasions, he gave the go-ahead and recommended the purchase of the MiG-29 and Sukhoi-25 from the Belarusian government offered by the front company of Montesinos’ partners. At that time, the aircraft did not have the guarantee of the manufacturer of the Russian Federation to provide weapons, engines, spare parts and maintenance, which reduced their capacities during an armed conflict.

Felipe Reyes Morales was appointed by Fujimori to travel to Belarus to evaluate 36 war aircraft

This case originally uncovered it The Republic in March 1996, even before the regime of Fujimori Y Montesinos order the signing of the respective contracts.

“It was the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office that saved this case that had been archived, since it appealed the acquittal in 2010 and achieved the annulment in the Supreme Court so that today a new process can be carried out,” explained the prosecutor Juan Manuel Fernández.

Despite the fact that the aircraft purchases were made 24 years ago, the crimes have not prescribed “because in this case the facts are to the detriment of the State Patrimony and therefore the common limitation periods are doubled,” reported the prosecutor. In addition, there have been periods of suspension of the prescription.

In addition to the corresponding convictions, the civil reparation payment that would be 432 million dollars comes.

According to Reniec, Felipe Reyes Morales resides in Dallas, Texas, United States, which is not an impediment to responding to the law.

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