They formalize 13 people for drug trafficking in Rancagua: they seize high-end cars and ammunition | National

With precautionary measures ranging from a monthly signature to nightly house arrest, 13 people remained who were formalized for alleged drug trafficking, reported anonymously in Rancagua.

After a call to the “Safe Denunciation” program, the local Prosecutor’s Office – together with the Investigative Police – opened an investigation that lasted almost 9 months, where it was evidenced that in various homes in the historic center of Rancagua drugs were sold in small quantities, so the entry and registration of the properties was managed.

On Tuesday, more than 65 detectives from the Metropolitan and O’Higgins regions broke into two blocks of Aurora de Rancagua Street, intervening 9 homes and arresting 16 people, of which 13 were formalized for breaking Law 20,000.

The surrogate regional chief of the PDI of O’Higgins, Jorge Mondaca, indicated that they found a drug drying laboratory, seizing 8 kilos of base paste, cocaine hydrochloride, cannabis in bulk, in addition to 4 million pesos in cash, which were in a
Porsche Cayenne.

The deputy regional prosecutor for O’Higgins, Javier Von Bischoffshausen, detailed the crimes formalized and reiterated the call to citizens to denounce drug trafficking.

Of the 13 formalized, 5 had pending arrest warrants, for different crimes.


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