They order the PlayStation 5 from Amazon and receive bags of rice, dog food and other unsolicited objects (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Several cases of delivery of various objects instead of the video game console have been reported in recent days in the United Kingdom.

In recent days, Internet users in the United Kingdom who bought the Play Station 5 (PS5) on Amazon have reported on social networks having been “scammed” by the virtual store after receiving different unsolicited objects instead of the console.

This is the case of the journalist and television presenter Bex April May, who claims to have received a notification that her order could not be delivered; however, hours later it arrived. To his surprise, he discovered that the package he received, instead of the console he had ordered, contained a electric fryer.

Another buyer claimed to have received a bag of 5 kilograms of rice, although the box actually contained a large bag of bulgur, a derivative of wheat widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine. “When I opened the Play Station 5 that I ordered from Amazon I found this! Someone has replaced it with rice!”, You can read in his Twitter entry.

Similarly, a Twitter user identified as Sam Felts received a electric fryer in a package that, according to the complaint, had been opened at some point before being delivered. Also, another of the scammed people sarcastically thanked the virtual store for having delivered cans of dog food.

Part of the annoyance for shoppers, as they explain it, lies in the fact that they won’t be able to get their console anytime soon, as they have run out of Amazon inventory.

Faced with the allegations, the company owned by magnate Jeff Bezos issued a release in which he assures that they are already “investigating exactly what has happened” and in the process of contacting customers affected by this situation, some of whom have been offered a voucher with a value of little more than $ 6.50.

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