They released the red-haired murderer who at age 13 killed and abused a 4-year-old boy

In 1994, when Eric was just 13 years old, he was convicted of the homicide in second grade from Derrick Robie. The incident occurred a year earlier, when the 4-year-old victim was walking alone to a summer camp in the town of Savona, in Steuben County, when he was persuaded by Smith, who led him into a forest and hit him with a stone to death.

The atrocious case gained public notoriety due to the young age of the victim and the perpetrator, who attended court wearing a Bugs Bunny T-shirt.

Derrick’s parents, Dale and Doreen Robbie, opposed Smith’s release every time it was considered earlier and demanded parole reforms that included extending the time between hearings for violent offenders, from the current two years to five. ; but this time they decided not to make any statements.

Eric M. Smith grande

More than two decades in prison

Smith was tried at age 14 as an adult under New York law. During the trial, the defense attorney argued unsuccessfully that his client was not responsible for his actions and suffered from “intermittent explosive syndrome”, due to years of bullying, which led him to kill in a fit of pathological rage.

A psychiatrist explained at trial that Eric’s mother took an antiepileptic drug during pregnancy that may have caused problems for the fetus. None of this served to lower the penalty.

“I began to believe that I was nothing and nobody. I felt that when I went to school I went to hell, because that is what it was for me,” the young assassin had declared. However, when asked why he committed the crime, he replied: “Because instead of hurting me, they were doing the damage to someone else for once.”

When asked if he enjoyed the event, Eric stated: “At that time, yes.”


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