They request the removal of cans of horse mackerel for municipal schools in Los Ríos due to the possible presence of larvae | National

The Junaeb in Los Ríos ordered the withdrawal of canned horse mackerel from the warehouses of the company that provides food service in municipal establishments in the region, after complaints about the possible presence of larvae in some cans received in food baskets.

Through a statement, the regional management of the agency reported that after learning of the concern of the attorneys at the Liceo Rodulfo Amando Philippi de Paillaco. This is due to suspicions of the presence of larvae in jars of canned horse mackerel of the “Sabromar” brand, for which the immediate removal was ordered from the warehouses of the Las Dalias company, in charge of delivering the food baskets.

One of the representatives of the said Paillaco compound, who denounced the incident, contacted Radio Bío Bío indicating that in the face of a publication regarding a similar situation that occurred in the Los Lagos region, with the same horse mackerel brand, it was that she more carefully reviewed the cans of fish.

The woman, who preferred to reserve her identity, noticed the presence of what she described as worms, reporting the fact to the establishment, since she was concerned about what her children might have eaten.


Meanwhile, from Junaeb it was reported that although the results presented by the product available in the winery show that there are no foreign elements, it is suspected that it could be larvae that live with these species in the natural environment, so the government institution It will officiate the antecedents to the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health.

They also added that according to scientific evidence, in the hypothetical case that there was the presence of a larva, it would be “anisakis”, which lives with horse mackerel, hake and salmon among other species in the natural environment, and that represents a risk only if the fish it is consumed raw.

Thus, they indicated that since they are canned food, which undergo cooking at 130 ° Celsius, this parasite dies without causing health problems.

The regional management of the entity indicated that in any case, the eventual presence of any foreign body in the products is unacceptable and that the people who require it, may request the replacement of the product to the email [email protected] Meanwhile, those who still have the preserves without consuming, are asked to deliver them in the replacement process for the analysis of the product.



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