They sell the Carnival Fascination, a cruise in which thousands of Puerto Ricans traveled

For many it was an era, and it was the opportunity to have their trip on a cruise, leaving from San Juan. For others, it was “a very old ship.” But the truth is that Carnival Fascination, released in 1994, was an economical and comfortable vacation opportunity especially for the Puerto Rican traveler, while the ship had San Juan as its base port. Today Carnival Cruise Line officially confirmed that the ship was sold.

This is only part of the effects that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the cruise company, and to the entire parent company of Carnival Corporation, which in total has already sold about 13 ships, four of them from Carnival Cruise Line, who has said that in restructuring its fleet and economy, it has had to leave the less efficient ships.

In addition to Fascination, which made seven-day trips to the Caribbean and had a millionaire renovation in 2018, the Imagination also left the fleet. Both had been removed from the Carnival itinerary and put on long-term hiatus. The Imagination, like several of the boats sold, went directly to Aliaga, in Turkey, considered the “cemetery of the cruise ships”. There the ships go to the scrapping process, which includes final dismantling, after removing all useful material and furniture from them to be sold. It is not yet known if this will be the final destination of the Fascination.

Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen had previously said that they would not be replacing the ship in San Juan at the moment, and that they are targeting itineraries from North American ports that can be reached by car, but that this would remain a visiting port in their itineraries. The company had expressed its gratitude to the government and people of Puerto Rico for understanding this situation.

For his part Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line said that although it is sad to part with those ships, it is a necessary measure to focus on those that offer more variety of attractions and cabin types.

Today Carnival also said that it will delay the start of operations on four of its ships. The Carnival Magic, the Paradise, the Valor and the Spirit, which would depart from various US ports as early as November when cruises are supposed to resume, They will do it now between March and June 2021. According to the company, these were on the agenda to go to the dry dock and renovate, which will not be possible now because the shipyards that are working are full.

Travelers with reservations on some of these ships who have not yet canceled their trips should contact their travel agent or Carnival Cruise Line directly.


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