They warn of a shortage of medicines; show a delay in the acquisition

The federal deputy Miguel Riggs (PAN) stated that this year a new medicine shortage in the health sector due to poor management of federal government for the acquisition of these.

“In January 2021 we are aware of the delay in the consolidated purchase of medicine carried out by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS, for its acronym in English) that was due to be ready by the 18 of this month, but it has been announced that it will be postponed.

“The delivery schedule was scheduled for May of this year, which was already extremely late, but now it is likely that the medicines will not arrive in the first two quarters of the year,” said the legislator.

He argued that to date, only 25% of the patent key contracts have been assigned, but these have not been signed.

Consequently, the PAN added, no medicine has been delivered and the remaining 75% of the keys for medicines to be tendered is still pending.

“In addition, federal institutions were only able to extend emergency contracts for 30% of the keys that were acquired in 2020, which is why we see great uncertainty as to how they will be able to supply the remaining 75% of the drugs that the health system occupies. health during this 2021 in order to guarantee health protection.

“We are on the threshold of a great catastrophe of serious dimensions for patients who depend on medicines, all Mexicans are already in serious problems of not being able to receive medicines, despite the fact that according to statements by the President, a payment of 966 million dollars, we do not see where they are already applied here in the health sector of the national territory, “he said.

They urge to vaccinate funeral personnel

The senator Nancy de la sierra (PT) proposed to urge the Government of Mexico to include in the application of vaccines against Covid.-19 to funeral and crematorium workers, due to the risk they have with the handling of corpses.

He expressed that the demand for these services has increased and several funeral homes report saturation and death of workers.

The senator Noah Castanon (MC) also asked for a point of agreement to include the direct relatives with whom he lives every day of the medical, nurses and hospital staff in the early stages of vaccination.

This, he said, would even be an incentive for them after having given their work and even their life, to the attention of Mexicans.

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