They will ask for a red circular against Juan Carlos Montes from petrovideo

The accusations made to Juan Carlos Montes have to do with his work as deputy director of construction of the District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD), when Gustavo Petro he was mayor of Bogotá.

According to Blu Radio, Montes is accused of participating in “irregularities in the process of conclusion and settlement of contract 3817 of 2015, and the respective supervision contracts.”

Specifically, add Week, aThe former official is linked to an alleged “hiring carousel of Parques de Bogotá”, in which 96,000 million pesos were involved.

Further, the public procurement regulations would have been skipped, when hiring a company that did not have the legal requirements, indicates the radio.

The Prosecutor’s Office had already requested that Montes be declared an “absent person,” the publication says, in order to move forward with the imputation of charges.

Last year, the accusing body requested a blue circular to search for the former official of the Petro administration, the station recalls, but he was not found.

The red circular that they will request will allow Montes is detained in any country associated with Interpol.

Nothing is known about the whereabouts of the former Bogotá official, since he was involved in the so-called ‘petrovideo’, revealed by Senator Paloma Valencia in a debate about Odebrecht. It was said that he would have gone to Switzerland, but that information was not confirmed.


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