Third Dose Vaccine in Oman: third dose vaccine for people over 18 in Oman: special monitoring – third dose of covid vaccine for people who are above 18 in oman


  • The Ministry of Health will soon announce the priority categories and plans
  • Admission of non-vaccinated persons to government and public sector institutions will be monitored
  • Criteria such as keeping social distance and wearing a mask should be ensured

Muscat: The Supreme Committee has approved a third dose vaccine against Kovid for those over 18 in Oman. Vaccination was approved at a Supreme Committee meeting in Oman, where there was a slight increase in new Kovid cases and Omikron was reported in more countries. The meeting was chaired by the home minister on Sunday night.

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The Ministry of Health will soon announce the priority categories and plans for the third dose vaccination. Steps will be taken to monitor the admission of non-vaccinated persons in government and public sector institutions.

The Supreme Committee also recommended limiting participation in events, including places of worship, sports, exhibitions and weddings, to 50 per cent of the capacity. The apex committee also said that standards such as maintaining social distance and wearing a mask should be ensured.

Strict vigilance has been issued in Oman following reports of Kovid’s new variant Omikron in neighboring UAE and Saudi Arabia. A senior official in the Ministry of Health told The Arabian Stories that steps may be taken to prevent the spread of Omicron.

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Syed Hal Hinai, a doctor in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, called on the public to avoid contact with infected people and to avoid gatherings and gatherings. Experts suggest that social distance should be maintained in all areas and vaccinations should be taken in full.

Oman has decided to ease travel restrictions as vaccination efforts intensify. With this, the number of passengers arriving in Oman has increased significantly. The figures were released by the authorities in October. According to the latest figures from the National Statistics Office, 1,08,000 people have arrived in Oman. More than half of them are from GCC countries. 55,230 people arrived in Oman from the GCC. But it is followed by travelers from India, Yemen and Egypt. The number of passengers this year is higher compared to October last year.


Omicron; Be careful not to be afraid


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