This 2TB SATA SSD is the best value for money right now

Good plan news This 2TB SATA SSD is the best value for money right now

Storage space is an essential element to enjoy your computer with dignity: only here, SSDs are still sometimes expensive … but fortunately are the subject of great promotions from time to time.

Two Terabytes is hard storage space to spit on. A few years ago, acquiring it was extremely difficult … and even more so in an SSD! Fortunately, the years go by and technology becomes more flexible, enough that some models are, today, very accessible. For example, the Crucial 2TB SSD is available for a limited time at € 174.99 instead of € 202.79 on Amazon. A good deal !

Find the Crucial MX500 2TB internal SSD at 174 € on Amazon

The Crucial MX 500 2TB, an internal SATA SSD compatible with all desktop PCs, even old ones

The Crucial MX500 2TB SSD boasts the technology 3D NAND developed by Micron. This is a process that allows the SSD to be extremely fast: we are talking about 560 MB / s in sequential read and 510 MB / s in sequential write. Here we reach the limits of the SATA port. This SSD is not made for the PS5 because it does not plug into PCIe 4.0, a port that is only found in recent PCs and in the PS5.

In addition, an AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption is proposed for protect data from hackers and hackers : the Protectron functionality allows save your work despite a annoying power cut. And those are two clearly welcome features.

Once implemented in your computer thanks to a connector SATA traditional present in all desktop PCs, the SSD is now ready to use. As a reminder, the technology of an SSD differs from that of a traditional hard drive. If the latter physically uses a write head to copy data to its disk, an SSD uses it. a fully electronic process using flash memory, guaranteeing obvious speed.

High endurance for the Crucial MX500 2TB SSD

Fruit of the expertise of Crucial, one of the largest SSD manufacturers on the planet, the MX500 is not only guaranteed for 3 years like entry-level SSDs, but 5 years. We note that its longevity is among the most important in its category with an endurance of 700 TB, which should be more than enough and for years and years, even with intensive use.

Available at a reduced price on Amazon, this is an object that should largely support you in office or video game use.

Why is this SSD interesting?

  • the MX500 is a sure bet from a big brand: Crucial
  • 5 year warranty
  • reliable and proven for office and gaming use

Find the Crucial MX500 2TB internal SSD at 174 € on Amazon

This 2TB SATA SSD is the best value for money right now

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