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Life Center/Reported by Zheng Yurong

▲In order to reduce the burden on parents, Kaohsiung Zhun Public Trust Center will maintain the original maximum fee and will not increase the price this year. (Photo/Photo taken from Kaohsiung Social Bureau Fan Zhuan)

The recent outbreak of the epidemic has heated up. In order to reduce the pressure on child-rearing families, Kaohsiung City Government has launched a child-rearing benefit policy in conjunction with central resources, announcing that starting from August this year (2022), child-care allowances and childcare allowances for children under 2 years old will be increased every month. 1,500 yuan, that is to say, if you take care of yourself at home, you can receive a childcare allowance of 5,000 yuan per month, and you can receive a childcare subsidy of 8,500 yuan per month when you send it to the Zhun Public Nursing Center; not only that, the maximum charge of the Kaohsiung City Zhun Public Nursing Center will also maintain the original amount. , will not increase this year.

Childcare allowance and childcare allowance for children under 2 years old.  (Photo/Retrieved from the official website of the Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau)

▲ Childcare allowance and childcare allowance for children under 2 years old. (Photo/Retrieved from the official website of the Kaohsiung Social Affairs Bureau)

In addition to increasing childcare allowances and childcare allowances, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai was sympathetic to parents, and announced that the maximum fee for Kaohsiung quasi-public childcare centers will remain at the original amount and will not be increased this year. “Painting” to encourage nursery professionals to serve for a long time and reward quasi-public childcare centers to improve the salary of nursery personnel, and public and private cooperation will jointly create a friendly nursery workplace and a better nursery environment.

In addition, the Social Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government stated that in order to appreciate the hard work of the nursery staff and affirm their professional contributions, the city government has increased the salary of nursery professionals in public childcare centers since January this year, with a monthly salary increase of 4,600 yuan; In addition, nursery professionals in 44 quasi-public childcare centers, including supervisors, nurses, and nursery personnel, can apply for “long-term incentives” based on their seniority as long as they have worked for more than one, three, or five years before July this year. “.

In order to create a friendly nursery workplace, if the quasi-public nursery center helps supervisors, nursery staff, professional nurses, etc. to fully insure their salary reaches a certain level, they can apply to the municipal government for a salary of 60,000 to 180,000 yuan according to the level. Incentive money, I hope to use higher treatment to encourage nursery professionals to stay and improve working conditions.

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