This is all you need to know about the anticovid booster dose

As of this November 24, health personnel will be able to be vaccinated against covid-19.

The recent announcement made by the Ministry of Health about implementing booster vaccination for people over 18 years of age in a phased manner raised several doubts among citizens. These are some of the key questions and answers about what follows in the National Vaccination Plan.

When can you get your booster dose?

This will depend on the stage of the National Vaccination Plan against covid-19 in which you were.

For example, from this November 24, they began to immunize those who were in stages 1 and 2, among which are health workers, epidemiologists, pilots and people who work in funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries.

Those who were in stage 3 will begin their vaccination on December 21. This will apply to educational personnel, the Military Forces, the Police, the Indigenous Guard, the officials of the Attorney General’s Office and of Migration Colombia.

As of January 18, the vaccination of the population that was included in stage 4 will begin: street dwellers, air traffic controllers, the crew of international ships and the population deprived of liberty.

And from February 16, the reinforcements may be applied to the populations included in stage 5, which in practice are all citizens over 18 years of age.

How long should you wait since you completed your outline?

Recently, the Ministry of Health assured that people over 50 years of age will be able to apply their anticovid booster dose once four months have passed since their scheme was completed. For the rest of the population, this interval is six months.

What type of vaccine can you get as a booster?

These are the reinforcement schemes approved by the Ministry of Health:

-If you injected the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in the first two doses, you may receive a booster from the same brands or from Astrazeneca.

-If you injected the first two doses of Astrazeneca, you may receive a booster from the same brand or from Pfizer and Moderna.

-If you injected the first two doses of Sinovac, you may receive a booster from the same brand, from Pfizer, Moderna, or Astrazeneca.

-If you injected the single dose of Janssen, you may receive a second dose from the same brand or from Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca.


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