This is how Errol Spence reacted to the accusations of Bob Arum and Terence Crawford

Errol Spence Jr responded to the accusations he made Bob Arumpromoter of Top Rank, who assured that Spence was the only one who was stopping a possible battle against Terence Crawford.

“Talk to Al Haymon (promoter of Spence) and is willing to fight ”, assured Arum in interview with 3 Knockdown Rule. “The only one who seems to be obstructing the fight, and maybe because he doesn’t think he can win it, is Errol Spence”.

That accusation caused the annoyance of Spence, who replied in Twitter a Arum.

“The liar Bob does it again, ”he tweeted Spence.

AND Spence he followed in a series of tweets where he denounced the promoters who run boxing.

“All boxers are told just, fight,” he continued. “To these people in suits or to the television stations, who win thanks to the boxers and have screwed them for centuries, no one tells them to accept a loss of money or to win just enough. You just want to see the fight and you don’t care about the money side. “

And to answer the criticism of Bob Arum compared him to his current promoter Al Haymon.

Instead of taking the signing bonus Bob 200 thousand dollars, I went with AI (Haymon)), my advisor and I did not take a bonus for signing ”, argued Spence. “I earned a salary that kept me afloat for a year until I started making good money, because I knew I could make more money if I believed in you.”

Spence le responde a Crawford

After what Bob Arum the controversy will start with Errol Spence Jr., Terence Crawford, champion of the OMB at 147 pounds, he also gave a very direct hint to Errol Spence in Twitter.

“I have been a champion since March 1, 2014,” he tweeted Crawford. “Seven years in a row, three weight divisions, if I retired now, my next achievement would be the Hall of Fame. Sorry, I can’t say the same about… ”.

The dart was aimed at Errol Spence, who an hour later acknowledged receipt of the message.

“All those achievements are with names that people will not remember,” he replied. Spence.

“All I hear are achievements,” he added. Spence. “I see a lot of greats inside the ring and they didn’t care about the business outside the ring, they shut up and fight. That shit is over, at least on my side. “

“I want to fight with the best,” he concluded Spence, “But sir knows that I will use your favorite fighter as preparation.”

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