This is how the protagonists of One Punch-Man would be if they dressed like normal people

The costumes of the protagonists of One Punch-Man* It is very marked and recognized by all the followers of the series, what would happen if these characters dressed like each one of us? Well, a follower of the anime has made an illustration where we can see several characters wearing ordinary clothes, and the truth is they look fantastic. We recently saw how a One Punch-Man fan has merged Fubuki with another well-known anime and the result is perfect.

one punch man

Imagine us Saitama without his yellow suit and red gloves it is extremely difficult, but now this artist GeoLim0106 on DeviantArt allows us to get an idea of ​​what these characters would look like if they wear common clothes just like you or us we usually use today. The result of the art is quite cool and fun, and this gives us a new perspective on what these characters would look like with other type of clothing. What do you think of this illustration?

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