This is how the Touch Bar of our MacBook Pros could soon become more useful

The MacBook Pro is a powerful machine, versatile and able to meet the needs of most professionals, naturally if they pay the price. But beyond their look and their technical sheet, these machines have another notable feature: a Touch Bar which dominates the keyboard.

Located in place of the old function keys, the latter allows the user to quickly access shortcuts related to the application in use.

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While your humble servant is writing this article, the Touch Bar therefore makes me go up a series of words according to the characters entered. This can be very practical on a daily basis and when you chain the papers.

The Touch Bar, a little used ally

On the other hand, when the agenda is selected, then the Touch Bar allows you to navigate quickly from month to month, without having to put your hand on the field mouse or the touchpad.

And we could go on like this for a long time. No matter which application is launched, the Touch Bar is able to adapt in an instant and bring up the most important functions… when we need them.

Very practical, the Touch Bar is however rarely used on a daily basis, due to a major flaw: to look at its shortcuts, you have to take your eyes off the screen. Which is obviously a problem when you have busy days and little free time to stroll.

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Force Touch in the Touch Bar?

Apple, for its part, does not seem to lack ideas for making it evolve. The firm recently deposit a new patent describing a Touch Bar equipped with… Force Touch technology.

If you know a little about the history of the Apple, then you probably know that Force Touch technology made its first steps on the iPhone. It allowed, on a long press, to obtain shortcuts for our applications, or for the various options of the system. If the prolonged press is still present on iOS, Force Touch technology has since disappeared from our smartphones… to migrate to our Macs.

However, if we are to believe this patent, Apple would have the idea of ​​extending the technology to the Touch Bar of our MacBook Pro. A Touch Bar which would at the same time become pressure sensitive and which could therefore offer a whole new dimension in terms of ergonomics.

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Soon an even smarter Touch Bar?

With this technology and a good haptic engine, it would indeed become possible to use it without having to take your eyes off the screen, by relying solely on the tactile sensations delivered by the elements making up the area.

Simple example, instead of displaying a series of words when we type our articles on the keyboard, this redesigned Touch Bar could be limited to a single button, a button capable of displaying various proposals on the screen on a sustained press. We can also imagine additional actions associated with sustained pressure, such as cuts on Final Cut. A simple slide of the fingers would thus scroll the timeline on the screen and, once in the right place, a sustained pressure would make it possible to place a cut.

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It doesn’t sound like much, but features like the ones we just listed could be a real game-changer and make our Macs even more convenient at the same time.


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