This is the disturbing SECRET that Irina Baeva will have kept from Gabriel Soto. Do you have a son? PHOTOS

A few days ago, the entertainment world was surprised after the beautiful actress Irina Baeva confirm your commitment to the actor, Gabriel Soto, with whom you have been in a relationship for years.

Through her Instagram account, the protagonist of soap operas such as “Soltero con hijas”, “El dragn” and “I plead guilty” uploaded a romantic photo showing off her luxurious engagement ring.

Famous like Esmeralda Pimentel, Andrea Legarreta and Angelique Boyer applauded the commitment of the couple, who starred in a scandal at the beginning of their relationship.

Now, Irina Baeva was placed in the eye of the hurricane after the rumor that confirmed that he has a child and allegedly Gabriel Soto I was not aware of it.

During a trip to Russia, the actress did not miss the opportunity to take photos with a mysterious child; the media of the show deduced that it was possibly her son, who had stayed in that country when she came to Mexico.

However, everything seems to indicate that the child is not the son of Irina Baeva but of her sister Nina, who is extremely similar to her; In the pictures, the actress shows the love she has for her nephew.


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