This is the new yogurt with probiotics that contributes to the well-being of consumers

Laura Rapino, Sergio Romano and María Pía Taranto at the presentation of the new yogurt with probiotics (Danone)

Within the framework of a license agreement between Danone and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), a line of iconic yogurts from The Most Serene, Most Yoghurt, incorporated a probiotic strain (Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL1505) developed by Argentine scientists from the Cerela Institute from Tucuman. In the informative panel that gave context to its launch, representatives of DanoneCONICET as well as the Cerela Institute.

“The incorporation of the CRL1505 strain showed, in clinical trials, a significant decrease in infectious events in those who consumed it. Including this probiotic strain in the product line of a company of the size of Danone, which is committed to national science and technology, will make it possible to make value-added food with a scientifically proven beneficial effect available to the whole of society,” said María Pía Taranto. , CONICET researcher and technical manager of the project.

“At Danone we have, for more than 25 years, a strong commitment to healthy eating for the Argentine population. We are proud to bet once again on science and technology to evolve our recipes and continue reaffirming our purpose of providing health through food to as many people as possible. We are the only company in Argentina that has probiotics in your yogurts, in addition to other positive nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, iron and zinc. This new product is available in more than 100,000 points of sale throughout the country”, said Juan Garibaldi, Senior VP of Danone Southern Cone.

“Seeing the results of years of basic and applied research turn into a product with benefits for people’s health gives us enormous satisfaction and pride; It ratifies us the path we chose to do science in our country and to be able to contribute to Argentine scientific sovereignty with quality research and high competitiveness”, added Taranto. Sergio Romano, manager of CONICET’s Technological Linkage, was also present.

The new line of yogurt from La Serenísima with probiotics (Danone)

“We are very proud of how Yogurísimo goes one step further in its commitment to be the superfood that inspires all Argentines to excel and improve their nutrition, yogurt to yogurt, with its new line of products, with the same flavor and creaminess as always. under the motto Yogurt made perfection our consumers will be able to enjoy a yogurt that is delicious and also healthy”, stated Laura Rapino, senior marketing director from Danone.

The new line of Yogurísimo from La Serenísima with CONICET technology is available in a natural flavor in a drinkable version (sachet, tetra or bottle) and in the classic Cremix and Firm. It can be purchased at more than 100,000 points of sale in the country.

The scientific research and development program of the serenissima allowed to introduce, over the years, improvements in their recipes of super yogurt with the aim of enhancing the nutritional profile of its products. In this sense, they do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, HFCS or TACC, and are fortified with vitamin B9 and zinc.

Danone, which has been in Argentina for more than 25 years, will donate 2,500 Yogurísimo yogurts per day to institutions with a social purpose. With this, he emphasizes his interest in not only contributing to the development of products for families, but also being a source of food for Argentine children.

With the purpose of “Inspiring all Argentines to improve themselves and improve their nutrition”, in 2022 super yogurt threw, next to Argentine Network of Food Banks and the Danone Foundation, the “United for a superfood” program. This initiative promoted better nutrition in the children and their families, to whom he donated one million servings of yogurt. They reached 18 cities in the country through 4,000 soup kitchens, which impacted more than 300,000 people.

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