Technology This is the oldest crater on Earth

This is the oldest crater on Earth


A group of researchers has identified to the oldest crater that hit Earth: it is named Yarrabubba, whose diameter is 43.4 miles.

Located in western Australia, formed after the fall of a meteorite more than 2, 200 million years ago, So it makes it the oldest in the world. The one that follows in time is another similar crater that is 200 million years old.

This investigation was revealed in the Nature scientific journal and they were based on the analysis of zircon and monacite that were extracted from the crater.

Examples of zircon and monazite grains.

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The study involved a group of specialists from the Curtin University, in the city of Perth. The scientists, when scanning the impact crystals, realized that there was uranium, thorium and lead.

Within the same investigation it is established that the shock of this meteorite could cause changes in the climate, not only at the regional level, but also at the global level. However, there is not enough evidence to prove that this occurred.

Composition of minerals in the crater.

Although the crater of Yarrabubba was already identified by experts, they were unaware of its age and other details.



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