“This pandemic hit me hard”: Ignacia Allamand confessed that she has suffered from depression since adolescence | TV and Show

Ignacia Allamand made a sincere confession to his Instagram followers, noting that He suffers from depression, a disorder he has struggled with since he was a teenager.

According to her publication on social networks, the national actress recognized this after receiving a message from a mother, who had told her that her 15-year-old daughter had committed suicide.

In this sense, Allamand made an open call to his followers to speak openly about mental health.

“At first I didn’t understand why he was writing to me. I don’t know this mom and I felt helpless in the face of her sadness. Then it made me anguish to think of all the people who are going through something like this and don’t dare to speak up because they don’t want to be stigmatized. Then the token fell on me. The only way to help is from my own story ”, start.


Regarding her depression, the artist indicated that she undergoes therapy with specialists, recognizing that it is a situation that she will have to live with for life.

“I suffer from depression. Since my adolescence. I am not always medicated but I do therapy and I understand that it is something that I have to deal with forever. For me it appears as a monster that stalks me, it does not allow me to think well and takes away my energy. Sadnesses invade me that I don’t understand and I consume unexplained anxieties, “he said.

“During this pandemic it hit me hard. I had to re-medicate. And I had to deal with guilt, because when it happens to me I usually feel that I have no right to be like this because of how privileged I am. That it should be able alone. That if I get depressed, what is left for those who have less. But it doesn’t work like that, ”he added.

Although the actress acknowledged that the pandemic and confinement affected her emotionally, she also assured that in recent times she has been better.

“I’m better now. I keep trying. I meditate. I have good and bad days, like everyone. I seek to vibrate high. But the real reason I’m better is because I asked for help. And because I understand that what happens to me is a real disease. It is normal to be depressed. It is normal to have anxiety. It is normal to have a panic attack. It is part of our humanity. If this is your case, please speak up. You are not a worse person for needing professional help to be well “, he concluded.


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