This photo of a doctor hugging his coronavirus patient goes around the web


The coronavirus pandemic continues to strike across the world. This very moving shot recalls the harsh reality on the ground in hospitals.

This November 26, Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, a very important holiday in the land of the ounce Sam. And despite the health crisis, many people decided to get together for the occasion, some did not hesitate to take the plane to join relatives at the other end of the country. A situation that greatly worries Dr. Jospeh Varon, chief medical officer of the United Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas. He fears to observe an increased increase in the number of new cases in the coming weeks.

In an attempt to raise awareness and appeal to his common sense, he shared a photo where he hugs a patient with coronavirus and hospitalized in intensive care. A very moving photo taken by photographer Go Nakamura. On the latter, the doctor stares into space, which speaks volumes. Fatigue, despair and worry, this is what Internet users could see in his eyes.

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The snapshot, shared on Instagram, quickly went around the world. Asked about him, the doctor explained to the TV channel CNN, that he had just completed more than 250 days of work at the hospital. ” Unfortunately my worry for the next six to twelve weeks is that if we don’t do it right America is going to have the darkest days in modern American medical history (…) My nurses start crying in the middle of the day because it’s a never-ending story. When they are finally done with a patient, they get an emergency call to say that a new patient has been admitted ”, did he declare.

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