This photo of Cardi B provokes outrage among internet users, the singer apologizes

Cardi B poses as Hindu Goddess

For the cover of “Footwear News” magazine, Cardi B posed as a Hindu goddess, with a pair of sneakers in her hands. However, many Internet users were indignant at this cliché, believing that the singer did not have the right to appropriate the Hindu deity Durga. Following the controversy, Cardi B apologized publicly.

On Wednesday, November 11, Cardi B posted an apology message on her Instagram account after being heavily criticized for her cover of the “Footwear News” magazine. Indeed, in the photo, the singer is “disguised” as a Hindu goddess, which greatly displeased Internet users. “This is not a tribute, but a lack of respect”, particularly regretted a user of Twitter. Others reminded the singer that the goddess Durga is never depicted half-naked and that wearing shoes in a temple is prohibited.

A good lesson

“When I took part in the shoot, the team explained to me that I was going to represent a goddess who exemplifies strength, femininity and liberation. I love these values ​​and they are close to my heart, ”Cardi B explained in a video, quoted by the Huffington Post.

The American star then added: “If people felt that I had offended their culture or their religion, I want to tell them that I am sorry. It wasn’t my intention. I don’t like to fail to respect anyone’s religion. ” She then assured that this error served as a lesson. “Maybe I should have done my own research,” she says. I am so sorry I cannot change what has been done. I will do more research in the future. ”

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