This video game was developed entirely by an AI and appeals to gamers.

A Artificial intelligence (IA) has managed to create a video game from A to Z. It is about Candy Shop Slaughter. This experience was driven by the team of, report Lemon Juicer.

To carry out this project, they therefore ordered an AI-based game using a text generator developed by the company Open AI, the AI ​​research company co-founded by Elon Musk. This AI was able to develop a scenario and imagine characters with different characteristics.

Blood replaced by candy

In this game, players follow Freddy Skittle and Ted, his best friend. In story mode, they can accumulate experience points by performing good deeds. In arcade version, it is a fighting game and 3D where “the blood is replaced by candy and candy”, notes Lemon Juicer.

What do the players think? The game team polled 1,000 people who tested Candy Shop Slaughter. 77% of them said they were ready to play the game and only 10% pointed to its lack of originality. 67% of those polled found the characters to be of high quality, 55% felt that the script was good and 53% appreciated the title of the game. A more than positive assessment therefore.

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