This was Romina Malaspina’s date by candlelight with youtuber Oscu

Thus began the appointment of Romina Malaspina and the youtuber Oscu

How many likes on Twitter for you to go out with me?“Asked the 21-year-old youtuber and singer Nicolas Odetti, better known as Oscu, a Romina Malaspina. “One million,” she replied, believing the challenge would be too great for a young man with just over 200,000 followers. However, the will sometimes achieves the impossible and, thanks to his fans, the young man met the challenge.

“I answered a million in fuck, thinking that it would not happen, and it surprised me because I began to see a movement of their networks that said ‘I have to keep the promise“Said Malaspina, who at first doubted whether to honor his word. “I wouldn’t get a girlfriend because I had a bad time and wasted my time, and now that I’m alone I’m doing well. I do not rule out having friends, but not an intense relationship, I run away from him, if I see someone very hooked I put a handbrake on him, “he warned.

Anyway, he decided to keep his word and last Saturday the long-awaited appointment was made. Before, Malaspina used his Twitter account to clarify a series of questions to Oscu: “Quote is not commitment. It is going to be a very special date. I hope you are prepared ”. The meeting began at 9 p.m. and was broadcast live through the youtuber’s networks.

The driver and Oscu arrived together by car at the agreed place: the house of the youtuber’s manager, located in a closed neighborhood. They took off their chinstraps and greeted each other with a bump of elbows. “Did you see that I complied? You thought i was not coming“Malaspina told her date, showing that she is a woman of her word. They crossed the park of the luxurious property to the pier that overlooked the inner lake of the neighborhood, where a table prepared especially for the occasion awaited them. The weather and the sound of crickets in the background made for an unforgettable evening. They ate sushi and drank white wine, while they began to chat and get to know each other a little more..

A fan arrived by kayak to greet Romina Malaspina and the youtuber Oscu

“I know you a lot from networks but I have questions to ask you because I don’t watch much television. I met you with the controversy about the wardrobe, but then I wentogled you and saw the Big Brother and there I said ‘ah, I remember’, Oscu told him, a little nervous at the beginning of the dialogue, and noted that she works at “A26”, instead of Channel 26, the news station where she works as a host.

Between talks about his passion for video games and his opinion on the coronavirus pandemic, they were surprised by a supposed fan of both who arrived paddling in a kayak. “I’m a fan of both,” said the visitor before hugging Oscu, regardless of the social distancing measures to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. “I can’t believe they are boyfriends,” he added, but Malaspina quickly assured that they are not. They were just getting to know each other. The unexpected visitor bit into an empanada that was on the table, and offered the driver the rest. She initially refused, trying to respect the health recommendations, but at the insistence she ignored and finished eating the pie.

The young youtuber ended the date under the influence of alcohol

Then another young man from the neighborhood arrived with his surfboard. Oscu stopped to greet him and when he wanted to sit down again he almost fell to the floor, somewhat affected by the effects of alcohol. “Are you okay?” Malaspina managed to ask, a little worried about her partner’s condition. “I’m a little excited”, He confirmed.

Near the end of the dinner, Oscu proposed a new challenge to Malaspina: in case he dared to publish his new song, she would later be part of his video clip. She accepted, so without wasting any more time, her manager took it upon herself to officially launch her new song. “I make you a counter offer. When I take songs of mine, you are going to participate in a video with me. Then we see how: if doing music as well or singing ”, Malaspina proposed to him, by way of thanks.

Romina Malaspina’s date and the youtuber Oscu ended at a party

When alcohol was already beginning to take over the scene and the dialogue for Oscu already represented a challenge rather than a pleasure, a DJ appeared on stage, who set the night to music a few meters from the couple, in the property’s park. Friends of the driver and the youtuber were waiting for them there, who joined them to continue the party with more alcohol and less social distance.

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