This will be the life of Vicente Fernández produced by Caracol

36 chapters, recorded in Mexico and the United States, will show the idol as a man, husband, father and artist.

Caracol Televisión announced that it will produce the series based on the life of Vicente Fernández.

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Caracol Televisión announced that it will produce the series based on the life of Vicente Fernández.

The story of the Mexican idol, produced by Caracol Televisión, will be told in 36 chapters. (getty /)

The series based on the story of Vicente Fernández is already a reality. Caracol Televisión announced that it will begin production of the story of the Mexican idol. For two years, Vicente Fernández and the Caracol Televisión writing group worked on the story, which will go on from the time the interpreter of Divine womenHe was a child, in the state of Jalisco, where he was born on February 17, 1940.

Not even the pandemic could stop the advance of the story, 36 chapters, which will be recorded in Mexico and the United States. The series, which will soon begin filming in the Aztec Country, will touch on its different facets: artist, husband, father, actor, businessman, film producer and worker.

The life of an idol

Vicente Fernández Gómez was born in Huentitán El Alto, in Jalisco, Guerrero state, hence it is also known as ´El Charro de Huentitán´. He won his first singing contest at age 14. He married on December 27, 1965 with María del Refugio Abarca, doña Cuquita. The idol, who has 52 years of experience, is the father of Vicente Jr., Gerardo and Alejandro. He is also the father of Alejandra, whom the artist and wife adopted. Among his most famous albums are An Aztec in the Aztec, By your damn love, The gambler and From one ranch to another. Among his most remembered films are My dear old, Like Mexico there are not two, Law of the hill, The bricklayer and The son of the people. The interpreter of unforgettable songs like How weird is, Here between us, What a beautiful love and When the heart commands, gave his last concert on April 16, 2016, at the Azteca stadium. Vicente Fernández has sold more than 76 million records, and has received Billboard and Latin Grammy awards.

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