This will be the new Norpatagónico Hospital, the most complex in the region

In a context of high hospital demand, the provincial government announced that in the next few days the call for bids for the Hospital Norpatagonian, a long-awaited health center that promises to become the most complex healthcare space in Patagonia.

The new health center will be located in the sector Z1 from the Neuquén plateau, a remote point but with connectivity advantages that will allow quick transfers. Although the work was made to wait, the government announced that the project, once completed, will benefit a population of 672,460 inhabitants.

The planned investment is 4,100 million pesos and will reach the construction of 42 thousand covered meters, which will also include multiple sectors of services, a heliport for emergency, and the reserve for future growths, squares and parks.


The projected building will have 42,122.70 square meters. It will have outdoor spaces (the building’s own patios), to which terraces will be added. And the future implementation of annexes such as a nursery garden, a technological innovation center, shelters for residents and relatives, among others, is foreseen.

Regarding its design strategy, it respects a horizontal and cellular logic, which alternates flexible space modules and patios that allow ample lighting and natural ventilation. The great extension of the land on the fence offers the possibility of adding future extensions and equipments.

It will include a system of pedestrian paths and a network of native forestry thinking of recreational programs and outdoor equipment, such as playgrounds, stations for physical activity, rainwater reservoirs in a single recreational and vital microclimate.



The work includes a parking space, access hall, specific programs and patios, infrastructure and annex buildings, connected to public and technical circulations.

On the ground floor, the services of the outpatient consultation areas for pediatrics, adults, pulmonology, neurology, cardiology, pharmacy and laboratories will operate. It will include the Imaging Diagnosis sector, a surgical and comfort unit (shared between the ground floor and the upper floor), the emergency service and the pediatric day hospital.


The upper floor targets services that require a longer stay, including pediatric inpatient units and medical clinic, and intermediate care and special care, as well as the intensive care sector and the surgical unit.

One of the novelties that it will offer as a sustainable strategy is the incorporation of green roofs, which will use native species, low maintenance and irrigation. The saving of water was also announced with low consumption appliances, automated taps and rainwater harvesting. Retarder tanks and rainwater accumulators for irrigation have also been integrated into the project.

North Patagonia Hospital

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