This work is not for fun! Mourinho analyzes England, Scotland, Wales chances at the Euros

In a few hours, Euro 2020 will officially kick off. After having to postpone the race for 12 months due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. By this event, football fans are looking forward to which nation will succeed in the biggest football festival on the European continent.

For the 24 nations participating in the battle for the “Henri Delones” trophy, it must be interesting to say. But if you look at which nation will receive special attention, it is inevitable that the three countries in the United Kingdom are England, Scotland and Wales.

In this event, Jose Mourinho is a very successful manager. who has signed a contract as a game analyst for “Talk Sport”, a popular sports media Analyzed the chances of the three nations and how far they are likely to go in the Euros.


The “Roaring Lions” army have the opportunity to end their 56-year wait for a national championship this summer.

Group D program

Meet Croatia – June 13

Meet Scotland – 18 Jun.

Meet the Czech Republic – June 22

England squad and Harry Kane.

This work is not for fun!

“I think this squad is fantastic, England has it all. It’s not like other teams. where you feel really good with the starting 11 players and then during the match They cause injuries. or punished with a ban”

“I want to talk to Harry, I think he is a very heavy burden to bear. The whole country expected a lot from him. He had high expectations of himself as well. he is the captain of the team he wants a championship He’s never been able to do it at club level!”

This work is not for fun!

“Of course he tries to do everything for England but this is an era where all the good players are there. Even the young players They have an incredible squad, Gareth (Southgate manager) has more experience at this level. the past few years and some competitions as a national team manager This was a great experience for him.”

“I would say that England, like Brazil, are two nations that are very difficult to work with. Because people had high expectations from them. He has a good helper. And that’s important for modern football. We cannot work alone. We have to have good people around and Steve Holland is a very good assistant for Gareth.”

England’s Weakness and dealing with expectations

“for weakness I’d say it’s all about pressure. They have to fight this. This is a country where it’s hard work because the fans expect a lot of them I think it’s a matter of culture. There was support for them from day one until the last day.”

This work is not for fun!

“Then there will be negative things surrounding them. I think they have to be emotionally strong to deal with these pressures. This is a good time to play at home in the semi-finals. and finals have played in their own home It’s the same as in 1966 (World Cup) and 1996 (Euro).”

“But maybe because of the penalty shootout? Which is very difficult to predict. I think they have to be motivated to succeed. I wish them all the best.” Mourinho stated


The warlord “Red Dragon” had to face the most difficult task. Because they are in the same group as Italy, Turkey and Switzerland.

Program Group A

Meet Switzerland – 12 Jun.

Meet Turkey – 16 Jun.

Meet Italy – 20 Jun.

Never underestimate Wells.

This work is not for fun!

“There are high expectations for Wales, but for me I don’t think so. Of course, I think they are a team that is not very strong. There are not many Welsh international players they can bring to the squad when they qualify for the finals.”

“With a small power They can do amazing things. Especially under Chris Coleman (former Wales manager), they’ve done a really good job.” Former Inter Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid boss

Key players Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale

This work is not for fun!

“I think they need to play together as a team. Of course they have a lot of players playing in the Premier League like Ben Davis, Joe Rodon etc. They know what to do to balance the team.

“Over the years They rely a lot on players like Gareth Bale and (Aaron) Ramsey, and perhaps these are two of the most talented players in the country. When I was watching last season, how many matches Ramsey played because he had a lot of injuries.

“At the same time you can see Gareth’s performance, how great his performance is. How many goals did he score against a great team?” Mourinho, who recently took over the job “Yellow Red Wolves” Roma enter the Serie A battle next season, stated

What to expect from Wales

This work is not for fun!

“I think it’s not an easy situation for a country that doesn’t have much choice. But they are proud, organized, and fight as a team. In terms of tactics, they have a very good system of play. and know the way to play Knowing how to create situations to bring out the best talent of the players in attack.’

“Of course this kid (Daniel) James, they depend a lot on him. Because he is full of speed, he can destroy opponent’s defenders. But it was difficult for them to qualify for the next round. I believe that.” The Special One said


After 23 years of disappointment in qualifying Penalty Shootout Against Serbia And with warm-up games against Holland and Luxembourg, Scotland is now ready for this big tournament.

Group D program

Meet the Czech Republic – 14 Jun.

Meet England – 18 Jun.

Meet Croatia – June 22

The Premier League is full of good whiskey players.

This work is not for fun!

“Right now Scotland is a hub for important players. in the premier league And having played for top clubs in the elite league, you have probably seen (Kieran) Tierney of Arsenal, (Andy) Robertson from Liverpool, (Scott) McTominay of Manchester United, they are at top teams in the Premier League.”

“I think they will perform better than 20 years ago, I know there are strong teams in this group. But perhaps it is possible to see England finish first in the group and second in Scotland.”

Steve Clarke and his determination

This work is not for fun!

“You know, he used to be my assistant. He gave everything for me. I hope I can do this for him! He gave everything to me in terms of emotion. and the positives he applied to my work at the time.”

“Of course, being a Scottish He had a deeper feeling. He was not a foreign manager who took over the job. He is Scottish He had a very profound feeling. with the situation of the team Every group of players dreams of playing for the national team.”

“I believe this team is full of spirit. And you feel that way when you see them fight their best in the qualifiers. Penalty shootout in a difficult match against Serbia, this is a very important game. in the fight against the elite team I believe it is difficult for anyone to beat them.”

Scotland’s Weaknesses

This work is not for fun!

“Maybe their weakness is the lack of a big star in the team who will score important goals for them. We can say that they have high quality players at left-back, defensive midfield. They have players who are ready to give the team the balance they need to play.”

“But they should have great players in attack. I’m not saying Che Adams is a bad player, it’s not like that. But let’s look at players like Harry Caine, (Lil Kee Yan) Giuseppe M. Buck, (Chris Santos Aveiro) Ronaldo and so they are able to make a difference. Maybe these players are what they don’t have.”

A fighter’s heart is ready to fight.

This work is not for fun!

“Their spirit is the spirit I know very well. Because I coached some players when I was in Scotland as a teenager. I know their strong hearts. I know their aspirations. I know how they got into this tournament. I believe they are brave people. They will fight to the fullest. and in a duel with England I believe they will give England a very difficult time.”

Tom Meng

This work is not for fun!

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