This would be the great characters in history if they had a modern and current appearance

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In paintings, in sculptures … The image of some of the most relevant historical figures in the history of humanity has been revealed through art, which reflected how these popular icons were with the appearance that corresponded to their own time, as it matches. But: what would it look like if they were updated to 2020? What would Simón Bolivar or the conqueror Ghengis Khan look like in current clothing?

The American designer Becca Saladin has carried out this simulation game and has managed to transfer to our current uses and fashions the appearance of these great historical figures. As she already did and we would have Julio César, Abraham Lincoln, Ana Bolena or Cleopatra, the artist has continued since then adding names to her border of «modern illustrious»

We are going to show a small batch with these new characters, but you can see all of them on the Instagram account of the Dallas artist by clicking on this link:

– Louis XIV:

Saladin herself makes a short biographical summary of the character in question. In this case, Louis XIV tells: «Also known as the Sun King, he ruled France from 1643 to 1715, which is the longest reign in the history of France. France was a leading power during Louis’s reign, but it was a period of time marked by almost constant warfare. The Sun King was notoriously excessive, and he cared greatly about his image and legacy. He commissioned over 300 portraits of himself during his lifetime. ”

– Simon Bolivar:

– Pocahontas:

– Ghengis Khan:

– Ricardo III:.


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