‘Those films were not paid a single penny’; Dr. Biju in memory of Nedumudi Venu

Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Oct 11, 2021, 9:10 PM IST

Nedumudi Venu was an actor who did not discriminate between mainstream and parallel cinema in his choice of characters. That is why he has always been a favorite of directors in both series. Director Biju Kumar Damodaran (Dr. Biju) recalls his film experience with Nedumudi Venu. Nedumudi has acted in five films by Dr. Biju.

Dr. Biju in memory of Nedumudi Venu

Venu had called about ten days ago. Inquiries into how the Orange Tree House goes to festivals and whether it was sent to state and national awards. When Venuvettan said that he has not seen the movie yet, he said, “Let me give you the online link”.

Venu was first seen in 2000. He goes home without any experience and reads Cyra’s script. When I went home again a week later, Venu said. I like the script and we can do it. Cyra was made into a movie in 2005. The self-confidence given to do the film was that Venuvettan was with him for those five years. Later, the color of the sky with Venuvettan as the hero. 23 days of filming on a small island in the Andamans. Every evening, Venuvettan, Indrajith, CJ Kuttappan Chettan, Pattanam Rashidika and producer Ambalakkara Anil Sar spend 23 days full of songs and rhythms. Later unnamed, large-winged birds. Finally, in 2020, the house of the orange trees … Five films were made together. Venu was the hero of my first film. The last movie in which Venuvettan acted as the hero was with me .. Venuvettan did not get a single penny for the first and last movie … Everyone who likes it is retreating …

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