thousands of Donald Trump supporters march in Washington

They sing the national anthem to start this day of protest against the result of an election that they consider rigged. “They are trying to overthrow the ruler of the free world! exclaims Christopher, who has come from Ohio. It’s a fraudulent election! There were rigged votes. All postal votes must be cast. Only in-person votes should count ”.

“Cease the flight chants the crowd”, in reference to a victory of which they feel aggrieved. “It’s good versus evil,” said Clinton, who flew from Texas. We have to win ”.

“We believe in President Trump,” said Debbie Lee, a protester. We believe in his sincerity. He has done so much and we know that with four more years he will do even more. He’s one of us. I’m sure he won. There has been so much fraud, and there is a lot of evidence that the Democrats cheated in this election. So the hand recount is going to prove that Trump is telling the truth and that Biden is lying. I have no doubts, none ”.

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“I came here on a bus full of Trump supporters from northeastern Pennsylvania and we are all 100% in our hearts and minds for Trump,” she continues. If it turns out that America voted for Biden, I’ll have no choice but to accept it and wait for the 2024 election. That’s what I’ll do, I won’t. will invest for the 2024 poll. If that’s proven, if it’s the truth, if America says Biden won, I won’t have any other option. I cannot fight against my country, we must stay united. But I know Biden didn’t win, so I have no worries, none ”.

“It’s like a sect”

Whether through the ballot recount or thanks to the Supreme Court, everyone is sure that Donald Trump will win. Kelly from Ohio is happy to see that there are tens of thousands of them pounding the pavement. “There are people from all states,” she says. We met people from almost fifty states. It’s awesome “.

Come to observe this tide of red caps, Mary, resident of Washington displays her perplexity. “Oh my God,” she says. Look at this large flag with the effigy of Trump. Oh my God. I do not understand. It’s like a sect. it’s really like a cult. I don’t understand this part of America. I really do not understand “.


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