Three dead: Israeli air strikes in Syria

Dhe Israeli army reportedly bombed targets in Syria on Wednesday night. Both Air strikes According to the Syrian news agency Sana, three soldiers were killed. Targets of the Iranian Al-Kuds Brigades and Syrian troops were attacked, according to a statement from the Israeli army. Israel is responding to explosives that were placed the day before on the Israeli side of the border. “They were laid by a Syrian unit led by Iranian troops,” was the Israeli account.

During the attack in Syria, warehouses, headquarters and military facilities as well as Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries were bombed, the Israeli army said in a statement. The discovery of the explosives is “further evidence of the Iranian establishment in Syria”. Israel holds Syria responsible for all attacks from its territory and will continue to take action. “The Israeli army remains in increased readiness and is prepared for various scenarios.”

Israel repeatedly bombs targets in Syria, but very rarely makes official statements. The attacks are mostly directed against troops and facilities associated with Shiite Iran. Tehran sees Israel as an archenemy and is at the same time a close ally of the ruler Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war. Israel wants to prevent Iran from expanding its influence there and, above all, its military facilities.


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