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Three Democrats will end their 2020 bids in about 12 hours. Here’s why it matters


WASHINGTON – Within hours of polls in New Hampshire ended, three Democratic presidential candidates quit, leaving a field with only one color candidate and a fixed group of top candidates.

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Senator Michael Bennet, D-Colo., Ended their campaign almost an hour after most polls closed in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick ended his campaign after discussing the future of his run with his wife on Tuesday.

All three candidates indicated their poor result in the first state. Yang received 2.8% of the votes, Patrick and Bennet 0.4% and 0.3%, respectively.

“You know, I’m the mathematician, and the numbers show we’re not going to win this race tonight,” Yang told supporters at a Tuesday evening election rally.

“We have achieved so much together,” he said. “We first brought a message from mankind and a vision of an economy and society that works for us and our fellow Americans.”

All of this means the following when the race moves towards Nevada:

The race wins

For the first time in almost a year, there are only eight candidates.

It is clearer than ever who is at the top level of the candidates – and who is not. After the first two competitions, five candidates won national delegates.

Nationally, Senator Bernie Sanders leads the pack and takes over the coat of former Vice President Joe Biden. A Quinnipiac poll shows Sanders with 25% support among Democrats and democratically oriented independents, before Biden with 17%. This is a decrease of 9 points for Biden from the end of January and a jump of 4 points for Sanders. The Vermont Senator won a victory in New Hampshire after finishing in the top two in Iowa, and will bring that momentum to Nevada in two states next week.

According to most polls, Biden is still at the top at the national level, but the former Vice President had problems in the election states of Iowa (4th place) and New Hampshire (5th place), and this raised questions about his eligibility. In two national polls, Biden dropped back to second place after graduating from Iowa after taking first place for almost a year. He had hopes as president of the later primaries in Nevada and South Carolina, as well as Super Tuesday, which is rich in delegates.

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg has become an excellent candidate after taking first place in Iowa and second in New Hampshire. He has most of the national delegates who cut Sanders by one. Buttigieg, who is fighting for the party’s moderate wing, has been slowly increasing in recent months, but is still struggling to get support from color pickers. He earned about 10% of all democratic voters in national polls, but is in double digits behind Sanders and Biden.

Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren also remain in the lead group, looking forward to Nevada and South Carolina to increase the number of their delegates.

Warren finished third in Iowa and prevailed against her eight delegates. In New Hampshire, however, she failed to reach double-digit numbers. She follows Sanders and Buttigieg in the number of national delegates and is firmly convinced that their campaign is geared towards the long game. At times she was the leader in Iowa and New Hampshire, but her national polls have been in her mid-teens for months.

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Klobuchar finished fifth in Iowa, then rose to elementary school in New Hampshire and finished third with almost 20% support. Her leap into the top three helped her campaign raise the money and traction needed for Nevada and South Carolina. But Klobuchar has trouble making waves with black and Latin American voters and has to catch up with some of their democratic rivals.

A lack of early government surveys and low national polls make it difficult to say whether other Democrats’ campaigns are gaining in importance. Nobody deserved any national delegates.

What hasn’t been done yet?

The biggest unknown is where Mike Bloomberg fits in.

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The former mayor of New York City has decided against participating in the primaries and has mainly focused on the Super Tuesday states. It is unclear how he will fare, but his profile has increased at the national level and he has received double-digit support in several national surveys recently.

Bloomberg’s candidacy is untested. He has largely avoided attacks by other Democrats and has not yet qualified for a debatethat a fire could bring. His report on race-related issues was questioned, most recently when his comments on stop-and-frisk policies appeared in New York.

The diversity in the area has almost completely disappeared

The democratic presidential field in 2020 was once one of the largest and most diverse candidate groups the party had ever seen.

Now Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, of Samoan descent, is the only color candidate that remains after Yang and Patrick get out. Despite her poor placements in Iowa and New Hampshire, Gabbard continues to chug and push to South Carolina.

Before the first gatherings in Iowa, three other candidates left the field: former Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro, Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Cory Booker. The three mentioned the lack of campaign funds.

These three candidates and their staff criticized the rules for entering the primary democratic debate and reporting in the media.

Sawyer Hackett, communications director at Castro, criticized New Hampshire’s results late Tuesday evening.

“Imagine what the field and the leaders would be like if the media hadn’t told us in the past four years that only white men were eligible,” Hackett tweeted.

Notes could move bodies

An important thing to watch in the future is who is recommended by the candidates who have left office.

If the field becomes narrower, democratic candidates will have to court as many new voters as possible.

Castro supported Warren a few days after leaving the race in early January.

Yang, who has not signaled whether he will support another candidate, would be a great success for the democratic candidates still in the field. Yang has a passionate and devoted following known as the Yang Gang, and it is likely that his support could push his followers towards this candidate.

Many members of the Yang gang were usually not involved in previous elections. Some are former Republicans and Trump supporters or first-time voters. Your commitment would be beneficial to both each candidate and the Democratic Party.

Would you like to talk more about politics? Join our Facebook group: “About the gang, about the nation.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: New Hampshire Primary: Three candidates drop out of a democratic race


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