Three former ministers of the Armed Forces are sworn in in the PLD

For the second consecutive time and contrary to what is established by the status and protocols of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), it was the former president of the Republic Danilo Medina who took the oath of the around 1,000 people who joined the former official party this Sunday .

Normally the protocols suggest that it be the highest authority of the party, in this case its acting president Temístocles Montás who takes the oaths of those who join the political organization for the first time, unless this is not present contrary to what happened. on this day.

The other time that Medina took the oath, even with Montás present, was the Sunday before the beginning of the IX Internal Congress José Joaquín Bido Medina when he swore in the members of the Central Committee.

In an activity held this Sunday, hundreds of people, including professionals from different areas, were sworn into the Dominican Liberation Party by former president Danilo Medina.

Among the new members of the PLD were the former ministers of the Armed Forces: Sigfrido Pared Pérez, Máximo William Muñoz Delgado and Rubén Paulino Sem.

In addition to Asiaraf Serulle, a young businessman from Santiago, son of the PLD Julián Serulle. Likewise, Mabel Castillo, former candidate for mayor of Baní for the People’s Force and the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC).

Also, Manuel Guzmán, representative of the athletes; Claudia Franchesca de los Santos, an outstanding professional and Milton Ginebra, a former reformist.

The swearing-in ceremony for the new PLD members was held at the Dominican Fiesta hotel. It was headed, in addition to former president Danilo Medina, by Temístocles Montás, president of the PLD; and Gonzalo Castillo member of the Political Committee of the PLD. The other members of the Political Committee of this political organization were also present.


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