Three men were planning to bomb explosives in the Rhine-Main area

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FFor security agencies, the issue of access in the event of plans for a terrorist attack is a delicate one. On the one hand, it is important not to wait too long and take the risk that the planners of an attack may already be active. On the other hand, evidence is needed to obtain an arrest warrant – mostly for the purpose of preparing for a serious, state-threatening act of violence under Section 89a of the Penal Code. In the case of the three accused from the Hessian Offenbach, which are said to have planned a terrorist attack in the Rhine-Main area, the investigations of the Frankfurt prosecutor's office were only at the end of October, even if the authorities had been in the security circles according to the three men earlier , However, their intentions seemed so concrete that the security authorities felt compelled to act swiftly – and resorted to.

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Julian Staib

Julian Staib

Political correspondent for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland with seat in Wiesbaden.

On Tuesday, they broke with a large-scale action the plans. Public prosecutor's office and state criminal investigation searched in the morning three apartments in Offenbach. Around 170 civil servants, including special forces of the Hessian police, were involved. They confiscated numerous pieces of evidence, such as written records and electronic data carriers, and arrested three people. According to the prosecution, this is a 24-year-old German of Macedonian origin, as well as two 22 and 21-year-old Turkish nationals. They are said to have made preparations for an attack using explosives or firearms in the Rhine-Main area.

It was their concern to kill as many "infidels", said the spokeswoman for the Frankfurt prosecutor, Nadja Niesen. The main suspect is the German Macedonian descent. He is said to have already procured chemicals. "Basic components for the production" of explosives, as it was called by the prosecutor. In addition, various devices for an explosive device. He is also said to have searched the Internet for weapons.

Focus of Islamist extremism

The Rhine-Main area is considered one of the focal points of Islamist extremism in the Federal Republic. Again and again, Offenbach is in the sights, the heavily migrant city southeast of Frankfurt. Rarely have preparations for an attack gone so far as in this case. Where exactly the attack should take place is not known. There were "several objects in the Rhine-Main area in conversation," said the spokeswoman for the prosecutor. She pointed out that they were at the beginning of the investigation. There were still the interrogations of the accused. For late Tuesday, an appointment was made with the investigating judge at the District Court of Frankfurt. In security circles, they expressed confidence that an arrest warrant could be obtained at least against the main defendant.

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