Three powerful foods that eliminate intestinal parasites

Parasites are microorganisms that serve within living beings to feed on them. In the case of intestinal parasites, they are housed within the intestines and have the ability to reproduce, causing symptoms such as discomfort and infection.

Health experts point out that most parasitic infections go away on their own or are easy to treat. Nevertheless, In people with weak immune systems, a parasitic infection can cause serious complications.

According to the Metropolitan Police Clinic, This type of microorganism can be found anywhere, but the main reason it appears is due to poor sanitation. For example, those people who live in places where water that has not been properly purified is consumed, are the ones with the highest risk of contracting parasites.

As such, there are several types of intestinal parasites, the most common being Pinworms and Giardia. The former have a thin appearance and are white in color. Usually, they can measure between 6 and 13 millimeters in length and the female parasites lay thousands of eggs in the year of the infected person. Pinworms are most often seen in children.

As for the Giardia, these parasites can be contracted by contaminated water, that is, that people who consume water that has not been treated have a higher risk of suffering from this disease. Like pinworms, these types of parasites are also very common in children.

Intestinal parasites can be generated by the consumption of contaminated water. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

To eliminate these annoying microorganisms, it is important to have an adequate diet and hygiene, since they are the main factors in the spread of parasites. In addition, there are powerful foods that help to “sweep” parasites, therefore, the Dentists Portal list three of them:

black walnut

Walnuts are a superfood that have multiple health benefits. In particular, black walnut hulls, which are harvested green, are a well-known vermifuge and It is considered a first class treatment for roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and other intestinal parasites.

On the other hand, black walnut also helps improve skin conditions, improve heart health, provide antifungal protection, reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure, and prevent certain types of cancer.

black walnut
It is a dry fruit that is ideal for “sweeping” parasites. Ph: @look at me_linda14 – Photo: Instagram: @mirame_linda14

the hydrastis plant

The root of this plant, native to North America, contains an alkaloid called berberine that helps fight eye and upper respiratory tract infections, as well as treat diarrhea. Too, Berberine is a potent antimicrobial that is effective for diarrhea of ​​parasitic origin (such as giardiasis) or of fungal origin.

According to the expert and researcher Francesc Martínez, the studies carried out with the alkaloid recommend using it together with the pharmacological treatments indicated for each type of diarrhea, that is, as supportive therapy.


This food has a high nutritional value and contains very few calories. It is rich in vitamins C and B6, and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and manganese, among other nutrients. This vegetable is considered one of the best natural antibiotics, thanks to the fact that it attacks pathogens and raises the body’s defenses.

At least 60 compounds with antimicrobial properties are attributed to it, which make it a remedy that attacks bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Precisely, it helps to eliminate toxins and pathogenic bacteria that affect the normal flora of the intestine, being useful to treat parasitosis.

Garlic has antibiotic properties that help prevent different diseases.
Garlic has antibiotic properties that help prevent different diseases. – Photo: Getty Images

An investigation carried out by scientists from the University of Alexandria, cited in a newspaper article The universal, from Mexico, ratified its antiparasitic properties. “Garlic contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins, with this, this food is capable of significantly reducing the number of parasites that are lodged in the body”, indicates the mentioned source.

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