Three rewards for $ 220 million for perpetrators of the massacre in Arauca

The Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, announced last Saturday at the end of a security council in Arauca the offer of three rewards for more than $ 220 million to the same number of leaders of the 10th Front of the FARC dissidents, indicated to be behind the massacre that took the lives of five people in that area on August 21.

“A reward of $ 100 million is offered to anyone who offers information that leads to the capture of Luis Felipe Jiménez Ramírez, alias Héctor Aguilar or Felipe Pescado; of $ 80 million for information that leads to the capture of Fabián Guevara Carrascal, alias Ferley, and of $ 41 million for José Ruiz, alias Sierra. These criminals belong to the residual GAO Structure 10. The cartel of the most wanted will be communicated, “said the official.

The head of the Defense portfolio added that it was also ordered to increase the offensive and operations by the Military Forces and the National Police “to continue with the dismantling of the criminal structures of the ELN and the GAOr E-10, which commit crimes in the department of Arauca “.

“They were Venezuelans”

Meanwhile, the director for the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch, HRW, José Miguel Vivanco, assured that the victims of this massacre are Venezuelan migrants.

“My condemnation of these murders in Arauca, Colombia. The victims would be Venezuelan immigrants. The 10 Front would have murdered them after accusing them of stealing cattle. As we denounced in a recent report, the social control of armed groups in the area is brutal” the Human Rights activist wrote on his Twitter account.

Peace Commission

After the public hearing convened last Saturday by the Senate Peace Commission in the Llano Verde neighborhood of Cali, where the massacre of five minors was registered on August 11, the legislative cell announced a series of actions in response to what happened, Among which stands out the proposal to promote the 16 peace seats, arising from the Peace Agreement, as one of the ways out to stop the wave of violence that in the last two weeks has claimed more than 30 lives in at least six massacres in different areas from the country.

The upper house committee committed to three issues: the first, to listen to the families of the young people who were murdered, “in order to gather information that is useful to add voices.”

The second, take the information collected to the offices of the prosecutor and the attorney general: “We will not stop asking until we have answers,” it reads.

And the third, “to help as senators to build a response of symbolic reparation. It is a permanent task. We are going to move forward with the extension of the Victims’ Law and manage to approve the 16 Curules for Peace.”

In this regard, the president of the legislative cell, Senator Roy Barreras, from La U, said: “I am committed to the mothers and fathers of the minors massacred and to the community to which the material and intellectual authors of this massacre will fall.”

In the hearing, which was held in the middle of a symbolic act with the belongings of the five victims, the senators Barreras and Roosevelt Rodríguez, from La U; Alexánder López, from Polo; John Milton Rodríguez, from Colombia Justa Libres; Feliciano Valencia, from Mais and the representative Luis Alberto Albán, from the Farc.

Audience with Duque

The Radical Change Party issued a statement last Saturday in which it requests a meeting with President Iván Duque “to explain the measures he has taken in terms of public order” as a result of the massacres.

Likewise, the community announced that congressmen from the most affected regions, which are those on the borders with Ecuador and Venezuela, will form a commission to evaluate the difficult situation and summon a debate on political control to which the ombudsman will be invited, the attorney and delegates of Human Rights.

The community rejects in the document “these terrorist acts that have left more than 36 Colombians dead”, as well as expressing its “solidarity with the victims and their families.”

In 2020, they affirm, there are already more than 33 acts of violence related to collective homicides.

“The country is bleeding. Massacres and acts of violence happen daily throughout the national territory. Lives of children, youth, women and men have been lost in a macabre way, sending a message of defiance of the institutionality and contempt for the condition. Their purpose, to seize the territories by instilling terror in the civilian population. Are they achieving it? “the red-and-blue awnings wonder.

The bulletin also warns that the coronavirus is a very relevant issue that must be addressed, “but addressing this issue should not lead to the forgetting of other fronts, such as security. Recent events in the departments of the Valley del Cauca, Norte de Santander, Nariño, Arauca and Cauca are proof that Colombia’s security has taken a back seat. “


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