TIDLOR launches car insurance with no interest payments in cash up to 10 installments to stimulate Q4/64 balance : InfoQuest

Mr. Piyasak Ukritnukul, President Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited (TIDLOR) revealed that the overall economy is still in the early stages of recovery. After the government has relaxed some lockdown measures. The company therefore continues to reduce the burden on customers in car insurance payments. latest released “Insurance on wheels no credit card to pay 0% longer, up to 10 installments” from the usual 0% installment for up to 6 installments, pay the same installment every installment Receive protection immediately after paying the first premium

In addition, customers will continue to have the right coverage options from more than 16 leading insurance partners, starting October 1, 2021, which is expected to boost auto insurance sales in 4Q21.

In addition, they are ready to deal with future competitions. If new entrepreneurs enter the market, however, the current credit market has been developed to a certain extent. If there is more competition, it will improve customer service rather than competition with interest rates. This will benefit people who need access to credit.

As for the measures asking for cooperation in debt consolidation from the Bank of Thailand to commercial banks No impact is expected as the company’s main credit product is not a target for the bank’s debt consolidation. such as personal loans and credit card loans and the customer group is different from the bank customer

The company is confident that it can generate good growth in the long term. From strategic planning, focusing on driving the organization with digital technology and platforms. with continuous investment in innovation to enhance the service potential and offer financial and insurance products to customers Optimization of data management to analyze and further develop various products. Increasing the target customer base for both credit and insurance that can offer products to build upon each other in the future Risk management for underbanked customers, which are different from those who have access to banks as well as to control the cost of expanding new branches effectively This will create good growth in the long term and create a competitive advantage for the company.

In addition, the company is ready for capital to support business expansion with lower costs continuously. and has knowledge, expertise and experience in the car registration loan business To meet the financial needs of customers who need access to credit and underbanked customers such as low-income earners self-employed Those without clear proof of income This group of customers has different needs from other groups of customers. Including thousands of executives and staff with the same knowledge, experience and corporate values. To aim to create financial opportunities for people Focus on creating innovations and services that meet the financial needs of customers.

By InfoQuest News Agency (30 Sept. 64)

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