Tiger Crab wait!! 2 famous camps throw unlimited, launch 3 Y series, send the duo to be satisfied through the screen.

Bang over! Non-stop strength for the new hottest new series camp of the year. “It’s good work” and “Look at it” that continues to produce Y series continuously by full equipment, including famous chapters, tight productions And also pay attention to the highest quality Recently, it has been officially announced that 3 works of the first Y-lot series in the agency. That spent a budget of over 30 million baht!! Which fans keep asking which platform will they be able to watch on? A talented organizer/director option Kittipat Champa diligently working in a spiral The good news is that get readyAll 3 stories!!

2 famous camps throw unlimited, launch 3 Y series, send the duo to be satisfied through the screen.

The production series is equivalent to all 3 international stories, 3 styles of “It’s good work” and “Look at it” will be ON AIR in an exclusive format where viewers can watch free! The first story to be released before 2022 is here. “Ninghei thinks he’s naive” continue “Middle brother Jet” and “Don’t play with Anon”

“Ninghei thinks he’s naive” A story about a fiancee who has been engaged since childhood. Based on the number 1 best-selling novel starring C Pruek Panich, Nunew Chawarin Peritpiriyawong, Max Sarun Rujiratanaworaphan, Nat Nathasit Uekasich, etc.

“Middle brother Jet” story about middle man which is always a bridge for others When someone actually flirts I never believed based on famous novels with more than a million views!! starring Jimmy Kan Krishnaphan and Tommy Sitthichok Puakpoolphon

“Don’t play with Anon” A hot story in the state of unclear friendship. but as a couple, with two handsome men James Su Supamongkol Wongwisut and net Sirapop Manitikhun take the lead

full of this size Plus, put the gears forward non-stop, believe that the fans of Series Y are very satisfied, of course, that’s just not enough, the organizer / director option Kittipat Also introductory to the next plan…there are still plans to launch more than 3 films in the next year!!

don't play with anon

Follow the movement of Series Y under the affiliation. Company “Mandee Work” and “Doo Mandi” at Twitter / youtube / fanpage : domunditv

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