TikTok called a service disguised as a social network for data collection – Ferra.ru

This is the conclusion reached by the Reddit user with the nickname Bangorlol. He researched the application code to learn how it works. As it turned out, TikTok collects data that is rather atypical for the social network. For example, data on device parameters (processor type, screen size, memory size, etc.), on other installed applications (even on remote ones after TikTok installation), network information (IP address, Wi-Fi access point name) , superuser privileges. In some cases, the application even gets a location every 30 seconds.

Bangorlol also said that for a long time TikTok did not use the secure HTTPS protocol to transfer data, including personal user data. This means that they were available for viewing. In addition, information collection commands can be executed remotely.

The expert said that neither Instagram, nor Facebook, nor Twitter collect as much data as TikTok.

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