Tiktok gets more time in the US

The video service will not be banned in the US for the time being.  Source: Reuters

The video service will not be banned in the US for the time being.

(Photo: Reuters)

Washington For the time being, the popular Tiktok video app can still be used in the USA without any restrictions. The US Department of Commerce announced on Thursday that it would not try to implement an order that could mean the end of Tiktok in the US market until further notice. One will first wait for the development of legal proceedings. The deadline was initially extended to November 27th.

US President Donald Trump and his administration had put Tiktok under pressure in various ways. Two of the orders have been suspended with temporary injunctions in the past few weeks, the Ministry of Commerce has now withdrawn from the third. It had given the Chinese Tiktok owner Bytedance a deadline of November 12th to dispose of property related to the operation of the app in the USA.

Trump described the app as a security risk because Chinese authorities could use it to obtain data from US citizens. He wanted to force that at least the US business of Tiktok comes under the control of American owners. The government in China torpedoed talks about a sale with a new rule that prohibits the export of software algorithms without special permission.

Trump noticeably lost interest in the topic during the election campaign after the quick sale to US corporations failed.

More: A deadline for Tiktok parent company Bytedance in the USA expires on November 12th. But the US government does not react to an extension of the deadline.

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