TikTok tests a question / answer function

The social network offers a new option that allows content creators to better interact with their fans.

As the specialist Matt Navarra proves on his Twitter account, TikTok offers creators to add a “Q&A” button (either questions and answers) on their profile.

The information was then confirmed by TikTok to the site TechCrunch. The option would be reserved for creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.Once enabled, their subscribers will see two new icons that will allow them to ask questions through their profile and the comments section of the videos they post.

Creators can then respond by message, or via a dedicated video. And all questions are centralized in an interface created for the occasion. Obviously, the Q&A option also works during Live, i.e. live broadcasts on the application.

Such a feature is particularly interesting on TikTok. It is not uncommon to see creators respond at length to the questions put to them in the comments.. This option should facilitate their treatment.

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