Tired of hearing Rizky Billar’s statement, Lesti Kejora admits she is ready to be a single parent, why?

PEOPLE’S MIND – Towards the birth of the baby, Ready Kejora and Rizky Billiards suddenly made a shock with the circulating predictions.

Although the prophecy did not explicitly mention a name, but as a married couple, Ready Kejora and Rizky Billiards I can’t deny that they were both shocked.

Along with the circulation of the prophecy, not too long ago Rizky Billiards also stated a statement that succeeded in making Lesti tired.

Because, Rizky Billiards bluntly questioning readiness Ready Kejora to become parent single.

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So what really happened? why suddenly Rizky Billiards ask Ready Kejora so parent single?.

Quoted from YouTube channel Rizky BilliardsAt first he and Lesti Kejora were playing a game with Atta-Aurel.

In that game, Ready Kejora confessed when he was determined to make wedding with Rizky Billiards as wedding lifetime.

“If we are certain, right (for life). Dedek’s life is principled, so if you have been married once, ask God for a lifetime,” said Ready Kejora.


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