“Tired of hearing you say you are Arab”

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Nagui responds live to a viewer’s mail: “Tired of hearing you say that you are Arab”

The host of varieties Nagui took advantage on Monday of a fault of French of a candidate of his show “Do not forget the words” to put things right with a viewer whose mail had obviously not pleased him.

Indeed, Nagui, born in Alexandria in Egypt, corrected a candidate Monday who nervously emitted in the lyrics of the song “The black eagle”, “The bird”. What Nagui launched in jest: “Yes, in Casablanca, we say” the bird “, I’m sorry!”, Before continuing: “Oh that’s fine! Between Arabs, if we can no longer make floodgates ! “

After this allusion to his origins, the host of France 2 took the opportunity to mention the mail from a viewer who had visibly annoyed him: “There is someone who wrote to me saying: ‘There are enough, every time you say that you are Arab’.

Nagui then replied: “Yes, sorry! I apologize!” looking at the camera straight in the eye.

“So I’m going to do some blood work, some DNA testing, and some bioassay, and I’m going to pass it on to everyone.”

And to extinguish the fire: “There, these are just nice winks and nothing else. And then calm down! Be well! Be happy! “.

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