To avoid fogging the glasses with the mask, this doctor found the trick

YesKatja via Getty Images

Eyeglass wearers often encounter the same concern when wearing a mask. (Illustrative photograph by YesKatja via Getty Images)

TIP – Eyeglass wearers have all experienced this problem. That of the port of masque and glasses at the same time. The two combined often produce mist on the lenses of the glasses.

Daniel Heiferman, a neurosurgeon from Chicago in the United States, has found the solution to no longer see blurry. On Twitter, the doctor posted a selfie with some valuable advice. He simply taped his mask to his nose with a bandage. And we must admit that the ploy works.

“If you are having difficulty with fogging from the glasses or if you keep your mask on your nose, a simple bandage works wonders. I learned about it in the operating room. Don’t hesitate to share, it can save lives! ”Tweeted the neurosurgeon on November 12.

His tip has been shared over 74,000 times on Twitter.

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