To love you at home | Chapter 10 | Season 2

Mauricio, Dany, Jorge, Toño, Lola, and Octavio and Azucena are surprised when talking to Isabel, who has something very important to say to them, will they accept the invitation?

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Isabel (Hanny Vizcaino) talk to Mauricio (Sebastian Martinez) and asks him to help her gather Jorge (Manuel Sarmiento), Toño (Pity Camacho), Octavio (Luis Eduardo Arango), Azucena (Laura de Leon), Dany (Juliette Pardau) already Lola (Juliana Galvis), because it has a very interesting proposal.

However, Mao tries to convince his friends that Isa’s idea is not correct, and considers that she is too hasty for the pandemic we are facing.

Although everyone agrees that they should take care of themselves and protect themselves, they also agree that it is time to see each other, yes, with all the biosecurity protocols. This decision, of course, excites Isabel who cannot wait to share and enjoy with her friends.


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