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19|11|21 09:21 hs.

Within the framework of Nursing Month, different activities have been carried out to honor this sector of health personnel for the essential task they fulfilled in the pandemic. Yesterday, at the La Estación Cultural Center, different activities were carried out with a large presence of the public, municipal officials and city doctors.

In the first place, the one who initiated the meeting was the Secretary of Prevention and Health, Dr. Gabriel Guerra, who expressed: “I have to be grateful, and the words and deeds will never really reach, the work that has been revealed and the importance of nursing for the support of any health system. I believe that with the courage, the will and obviously without stinging anything at all, the nursing personnel from all over our district have given more than samples of the sufficiency, training and commitment they have with each one of the people. For this reason, I want to congratulate and that we continue from here on accompanying the work of not only a profession but a choice of life, so that each patient can be accompanied and with the best result ”.

After Dr. Guerra’s words, the parish priest of the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Parish proceeded to bless all the health personnel. Next, the choirs of the School of Aesthetics and the Dutch School, interpreted the hymn to the infirmary.

Sow life

On the other hand, an action carried out in conjunction with the Secretariat of Environmental Management, the nurses proceeded to plant trees on the grounds of the Cultural Center.

Before starting, the Secretary for Environmental Management, Ricardo D’Annunzio, said a few words: “We believe that planting trees is sowing life. We believe that it is very good for the environment and for all the inhabitants of the city. We decided to be able to bring these trees and that the nurses help us with this task, in order to continue contributing to the care of the environment and also remembering some known or loved being that sadly with this pandemic we lost him ”.

Thus, the members of the nursing corps began to deposit the trees in their respective wells, as a symbol to remember what they had experienced in the last two years.

To face uncovered

Continuing, the municipal folklore and tango casts danced for the audience present and the choir of the School of Aesthetics performed a song again. In addition, there was a release of pigeons in tribute to the victims of Covid.

Finally, in a moment of great emotion, the nurses approached the front to carry out the projection of an audiovisual made by Lorena Perotti and Mayra Taboada. As the audience paid attention to the passing images, the staff removed their masks and showed their full face. Given this, they expressed: “We are proud of all that we have learned and lived during this time, it renews the strength to work together and move towards an increasingly better health system. Today they know our faces. We are only a part of the health personnel who fought and risked their lives to save that of the inhabitants of the entire party. ”

Between hugs and tears, they also thanked “from the heart for the grain of sand that you put in by taking care of yourself and getting vaccinated. Thank you for the affectionate gestures, the applause, for accompanying us on this long journey to maintain the health of the population of our beloved and blessed city ”.


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