Tom Jones, Elvis's only true friend in music




Jerry Schilling, lifelong friend of Elvis presley, is organizing a series of commemorative concerts of what was return tour of the King of Rock 50 years ago. And he has confirmed that Elvis's only true friend on the music circuit was Tom Jones.

Schilling explained that the Welshman and Elvis used to spend long evenings well into the night singing songs of the other, reports the BBC, and that his inner circle was small and Jones was in it, the only musician I was really close to.

«Elvis was always cautious about people approaching and their intentions», Said Schilling, who said that both singers met at film studios in California. The King came even after the time of intimacy and friendship between them, to incorporate Jones 'Delilah' in his repertoire.

Schilling told the BBC: «We all met at a friend's house and sang songs at the end of the night. Tom liked to sing 'One Night With You' by Elvis. They even went on vacation together to Hawaii and spent a lot of time together in Las Vegas ». Both had contact until shortly before Presley's death in 1977.


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