Too many infections! High school locked immediately – Salzburg

The Bundesgymnasium Zaunergasse in the city of Salzburg has been officially closed due to several corona infections.

Due to the massively advancing corona pandemic, the health authority of the city of Salzburg will close the Zaunergasse high school on Tuesday, October 20. The Education Directorate has been informed of this drastic step four days before the start of the autumn break.

More than 350 pupils and teachers of the BG Zaunergasse are affected as contact persons, around 80 of them have already received a separation notice. The triggers were four positive Covid-19 cases, two teachers and two students. The teachers had taught in a total of seven classes, the students had been taught in four other classes together and in gymnastics with others.

“Normal school operations” are out of the question

According to the authorities, the closure was ordered and the management informed about it on Monday afternoon, which informed the parents. Further tests were in progress. “Normal” school operations are no longer possible due to the location. One must exercise the greatest caution.

Also because the dimension has what it takes to exceed the capacities of the epidemic authority. The authority can no longer delimit the contact persons in the school. The grammar school will be closed until Friday (for the time being). All students are currently in distance learning.

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