Too Much Vitamin D: This food can be dangerous for dogs

PublishedJanuary 16, 2021, 9:22 pm

There is too much vitamin D in certain batches of Pedigree dog food. This can cause organ damage in animals. Some of the packs affected also ended up in Switzerland.

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The following dog food products were recalled:


<img src="" alt="Pedigree Vital Trockenfutter für kleine Hunde (<10kg) Adult mit Rind, 1,4 kg, EAN Code des Beutels: 5900951254727, Ablaufdatum 12.11.2021" title="Pedigree Vital dry food for small dogs (

Pedigree Vital dry food for small dogs (<10kg) Adult with cattle, 1.4 kg, EAN code of the bag: 5900951254727, expiry date 11/12/2021


Pedigree Adult with Chicken and Vegetables, 15 kg dry food, EAN code of the bag: 4008429086373, expiry date: 02/10/2022

Pedigree Adult with Chicken and Vegetables, 15 kg dry food, EAN code of the bag: 4008429086373, expiry date: 02/10/2022


  • Certain Pedigree branded dog foods have been recalled.

  • The reason is too much vitamin D.

  • An excess can damage the pet’s organs.

The German petcare provider Mars has recalled a number of dog food products. It is dry food from the Pedigree brand. You can see which products are affected in the image series above. Customers are asked to stop feeding the products with the specified expiration dates.

The reason for the recall is that the feed contains too much vitamin D. Long-term consumption can make dogs uncomfortable, as the company writes. “Every animal needs vitamin D, but an excess is damaging to many organs,” explains veterinarian Marie Müller-Klauser in an interview with 20 minutes.

“In the worst case, the animal can die”

Too much vitamin D means that there is more calcium in the blood, which is absorbed by the organs, says the Vice President of the Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine. “This can cause liver or kidney damage, for example – in the worst case, the animal can die.” But that is a question of dosage, emphasizes Müller-Klauser. It is unclear whether the recalled dog food could get this bad because the exact amount of vitamin D is unknown.

How can dog owners know that their pet has consumed too much vitamin D? Typically in such cases the animals are often depressed and no longer eat – vomiting or diarrhea can also occur. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is really vitamin D – it is important that you go to the vet quickly if you have symptoms like this.”

At least 66 bags in Switzerland

So far, the German provider has not communicated which Swiss retailers have the product in their range on request from 20 Minuten. But the affected feed was also recalled in Switzerland, as Qualipet said on request. Purchasing manager Philippe Hägler states that 66 bags of the affected batches were delivered. Now it will be clarified whether the feed was actually for sale and, if necessary, has already been bought.

Mars assures, however, that it is an isolated incident. Mars and Pedigree products that are not listed could continue to be fed without hesitation.

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